Almost catastrophe!

"There was a loud crack and my lovely old wooden chair collapsed!"

I am sure I do not know how close I came to really hurting myself the other evening. I was certainly very shaken and bruised when, in the middle of typing some words for my esteemed Editor Jenny, there was a loud crack and my lovely old wooden chair collapsed under my weight. A leg flew off and I was quite simply thrown to the floor! 

As luck would have it, my wonderful carpenter Nigel appeared the next morning for a completely different purpose and was able to inspect the damage. I am afraid the old chair will be no more ­­– Nigel has said he could mend it, but I was not to use it for work. Bill was rather sad because the chair had belonged to his grandfather, Eli Stevens (pictured), who was a barber in Wokingham until his death in 1946. Bill can remember many stories about this old rogue – he said he expected that the paper pictured in Eli’s hand would have been The Racing News, as gambling was his downfall apparently.

It was a bit of a problem as I had simply no idea where to buy an office chair. I would need to try the chair and frankly did not want a self-assembly item when I did find one. On the off-chance, we popped into a shop in Cirencester called Jeffery Rimes. I was last in there 26 years ago when we bought Bill’s desk. Fate was with us and bingo – I found this beautiful white leather chair, ready to use, not too costly and it fitted in the car in a jiffy.

Now there was a new problem – I could not add the chair to my scruffy, untidy and grubby office. So, for the last two days, I have been tidying, exploring boxes and discovering the beginnings of new treasures. I will not know myself when I get back to work tomorrow.

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