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Treasured Workbook

I love the idea of workbooks and lovely notes books and similar – many of you will have seen the gorgeous books made for us by Kate Bowles. (More treasures from Kate coming next month!) But I also love the idea of fabric books. Perhaps this started with a rag book as a child!

You can see some of my stitched books done for the CSG here, so I guess it is not surprise that I found myself starting with a needlebook and it becoming so much more…

Seaside Garden Silk Collection

The seaside is very close to my heart, as I was brought up on the Kent coastline. My childhood memories were of very long hot days collecting shells and playing in the shallow surf with brilliant picnic lunches in the sand dunes, sheltered from the wind. You can imagine it was difficult to stop at 12 shades for this collection. I’d love to share some more seaside nostalgia, so please join me here.