The Colours of India

"You will see the piece of printed silk fabric and will understand why I could not resist buying all they had!"

The first time Bill and I went to India I had to keep pinching myself because it just seemed so unlikely. Bill was, and I must say still is, a conservative chap who had been without a passport until he was 30 – yet here we were on our way to the Taj Mahal in Agra! Our children were 10 and 16 respectively and were even excused school on the understanding we brought saris home for the school.

Since those days Bill and I have been to India twice, with the last visit in early 2020 being simply the best. We toured the south-east part of India and spent a blissful three weeks just loving every part of the visit. The weather was gorgeous, the people charming and the shopping – what can I say? As you will see from the pictures, I am focussing on the textiles and threads and fibres seen during this visit and I am admitting to bringing home beautiful fabrics and threads. (Yes, some of them are for you, but not all!) 

If you look at the bustling market, these men and women are just a sample of the beauty of India. For reasons that I do not understand, considering our history in India, the people love to talk to British visitors and make you just so welcome. I must have had selfies taken with dozens of young people, families and even a school or two. In the pictures, the group of three young women stopped to chat and have pictures taken just because…

You will also see a piece of printed silk fabric and will understand why I could not resist buying all they had – I have made pincushions out of some of the printed sections and have enough left over to share some with you.

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