Alphabet Sampler on Indian Silk Workbox Weight

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This little frayed patch was a copy of a design which is included in Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers – Anniversary Edition (published by Davis & Charles Books). I had worked an exploding box and the charts were included in this title. This is just one of the sides and includes cross stitch, queen stitch and satin star stitch. I bought the glorious Indian silk on our first night in Mumbai and it was in the hotel shop which is not really like me at all!

The completed piece of embroidery was hand finished and then filled with my favourite combination of dry rice and lavender petals. I have attached a pair of tiny chatelaine scissors with a hand-crafted twisted cord and three pearl-headed pins. The additional shell buttons are there so that you can add more bits to your treasure.


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1 in stock


The story of this little treasure

After several experiments, I have come up with the perfect recipe for stuffing a pincushion (and no, life isn’t too short to stuff a pincushion!). My first workbox weights were filled with dry rice to give them a pleasing heft and stop them from wandering off your worktable but it wasn’t until I hit on the idea of adding a little extra that I was completely satisfied. That extra is lavender, which I have always loved. I simply mix a pinch or two of dried petals with the rice. If you try this for your own makes, it is worth investing in a mini funnel, or try rolling a piece of paper to help with your aim. A spillage will smell lovely, but a crunchy work surface is best avoided!