Antique Alphabet Sampler by Sarah Haslam

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This lovely monochrome sampler is worked in cross stitch and four-sided stitch and is in very good condition. It is undated but is almost certainly Victorian with both upper and lower-case alphabets and numerals 1-12. The linen used is in very good condition and she has stitched it beautifully. The text in the lower portion of the sampler is worked over one fabric thread making it 34 stitches to the inch!

In books, or works or healthful play,
Let my first years be past,
That I may give for everyday
Some good account at last.

I have mounted the stitching on to a linen covered board, ready to be framed.

It measures 10 x 12.25in (25.5 x 31cm).


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

For me it all started in 1983 and I still can sniff out antique samplers even when hidden in an old antique shop. After discovering what was meant by a sampler, I became a hunter and gatherer – at least I would like to have been! Bill and I were newly arrived in the Cotswolds and I had given up my nursing career to look after my little boy, James. This little boy is now over 40 and is my professional photographer! At that time, we were very short of cash and antiques were certainly not on the shopping list.

Today, I am lucky enough to have collected a few real treasures and they hang in our north-facing sitting room and I look at them every day. My collection varies enormously, and I have favourites that are not necessarily museum quality but are still pieces of history.

From the mid-18th century onwards, it became more common for young girls to work samplers as part of their education. Alphabet samplers, decorative borders, poems, and prayers became common and today represent the popular image of the sampler. Some samplers contained pious verses or religious symbols, and many include prayers and hymns.