Antique Silver Scissors & Classic Pinkeep

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Bought at auction with a collection of other needlework tools, these are very good scissors. The handles are hall marked and the steel blades are slightly curved. These are fiendishly sharp and in good condition.

The pinkeep attached is stitched both back and front, made up by hand and embellished with glass-headed pins. Attached to the scissors with narrow ribbon these make a very attractive duo.


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

I always look out for stitching stuff at auctions, both for me and you! This year I was very happy with the outcome as I had to leave bids with the auctioneer as we were in Italy at the time of the auction.

I collect old embroidery scissors and can never have too many! These scissors look very plain but are very comfortable in the hand and have an attractive worn appearance.