Claude Monet’s Garden Silk Collection – Large


Your reaction to my new collection has been quite overwhelming. Thank you so much! Several of you have written to say you didn’t arrive in time to snaffle the threads you want, so I’ve enlisted my husband’s help to get some more boxes ready as fast as we can. They will be here soon, so please come back.

The first of my new thread collections is inspired by Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, France. I have selected the shades that remind me my last visit to this paradise – with the riot of colour in this famous garden, and the added joy of the Japanese bridge, beautiful house and lily pond, what is there not to love!

My silk thread originated from France and is hand-dyed in the USA. It is a spun silk thread with the beauty, lustre, and shine of silk but doesn’t catch on your hands – it is a joy to use. The size of one strand is comparable to other stranded yarns and I have found that I am happy with two strands for cross stitch on 28-count and 32-count linen. Of course, it is perfect for freestyle embroidery too.

The Monet’s Garden set comes in two sizes, this is the larger with 24 beautiful shades of silk*.

To help you enjoy your threads even more, I have commissioned replica antique thread winders on which to keep them. Each winder is supplied with 3 yards (2.7m) of 12-ply silk, and there’s a little notch to make it easy to keep your threads well behaved.

*Each box is carefully assembled on my kitchen table. Don’t worry if yours looks a little different to the photographs as the arrangement varies from box to box. I’m likening my thread assembly skills to the way Eric Morecambe explained his terrible piano playing to Andre ‘Preview’: “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order”. (If you have time, relive that lovely moment here.)


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The story of this little treasure

Beautiful silks and a favourite garden came together to make this thread collection. Read the whole story in my Jottings.