Clifton Suspension Bridge Bobbin Holder

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This beautifully made wooden case with a lid takes a little wooden bobbin and you can pass the thread through the purpose made hole in the top. Perfect for keeping some metallic thread under control!

It has a striking image of The ‘New’ Suspension Bridge*.

This bobbin holder measures 1.25in (3cm) across the bottom and it is 1.75 (4.5cm) high. It comes supplied in recycled tissue and ribbon.


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

I have only a few pieces of Mauchline Ware because it has become so collectable it is harder to find. I was lucky enough to find a few items together in an auction not long ago, so I pounced! I imagine this lot was put together by a collector but I like to think that maybe they had been passed down through a family as a record of one member’s travels around the British Isles!

*In case you were wondering when the Clifton Suspension Bridge was ‘new’, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s amazing work of engineering was opened in 1864. Thirty three years in the making, it is now one of the oldest surviving iron bridges in the world. No wonder souvenirs were made to celebrate it!