Hand Crafted Linen Pocket Sampler

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This beautifully created linen pocket sampler has been made for you to stitch as you wish. Each one is made from 28-count Cashel unbleached evenweave linen, edged with a cream bias binding.

Each pocket is made so that you can get your hand inside to work the embroidery, whether you enjoy using free or counted stitches. The outside pockets can be stitched closed if desired when the decoration is complete.

Each pocket sampler is supplied boxed with three gold-plated needles and some sheets of sampler motifs for you to get you inspired.

The pocket sampler measures:

  • 10 x 7in (25.5 x 18cm) closed
  • 10 x 25in (25.5 x 63.5cm) open/unfolded


9 in stock

9 in stock


The story of this little treasure

This item began its life after a visit to The DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and I saw examples of early pocket samplers. This decorative and useful item may have helped to introduce the ‘Hussif’ (or housewife) into the language as needlewoman would make these folders as depositories for stitching stuff. In the recent past I have seen a tiny pocket sampler at Witney antiques which has been framed to show the back and the front of the stitching and is less than 10in long!