Harriot Humphrey Antique Sampler

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This antique stitched sampler was worked by Harriot when she was only 13 years old and has been stitched beautifully. There is very little damage other than some staining around the two large animals and the smaller lions. We understand that this was completed in 1820 so it is over 200 years old! It seems funny her using the word ‘dross’ which in my head seems to be a more modern word. I wonder if she fully understood the words in her poem written in her fourteenth year…

Gold and silver is but dross
And fadeth soon away
But virtue in a virgins breast
Will make a longer stay

Harriott used cross stitch, Algerian eye, herringbone, and eyelets to create her sampler – I am not certain what beast is being ridden in the bottom centre – it could be a ram… Harriott’s sampler measures 16.5in (42cm) excluding the double mount and frame.

This sampler has been conserved, mounted and framed at The Royal School of Needlework (based at Hampton Court Palace).

The sampler will be supplied mounted and framed but not glazed and will be shipped securely with tracking and insurance.

NB If buying from a non-UK address, I will be in touch by email to arrange to share the shipping costs.


1 in stock

1 in stock


The story of this little treasure

I have mentioned before that have collected samplers for over 30 years and I am coming to the place when the wall space is becoming critical! I was offered this sampler amongst a group at auction and could not resist. I have rung the changes in our wonderful north facing living room and there is no longer a place for Harriott. I would love her to find a new home!