House & Trees Sampler Scrap

This is a single section taken from a much larger sampler from whence came the Tulips. This is a very pretty sampler house with an unusual fence and garden details. The stitching is very fine and has kept the rich colours.

This sampler is supplied framed and glazed in a lovely old wooden frame. When framed, it measures 11.5 x 8in (29 x 20cm)


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The story of this little treasure

Firstly, I must tell you that I did not do this to this sampler! This is one of two pieces of embroidery I discovered at an antiques fair at Westonbirt School last year, and I did gasp when I saw what had been done. I think the stall holder was somewhat taken aback when I asked about the ‘chopped up pieces of embroidery’. She explained that the original antique sampler was in such a state this seemed a good way to save some pieces of it. On the plus side, it means that you can own a little bit of history without spending silly amounts of money.