Ida’s School Sampler

This dear little sampler is an original school sampler, stitched by a nine-year-old girl in 1877. It is stitched in two colours on linen. I wonder why she stitched the numbers 5 and 6 in such a pale shade? I rarely part with samplers but I thought that someone would like to own this little piece of history and I really cannot justify another one! I have been collecting samplers since 1985 and they are all treasures in one way or another.

Ida’s sampler is very simple but charming and she was only nine! The picture is supplied framed but not glazed. In the frame it measures 9.5 x 9in (24 x 22.5cm).


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The story of this little treasure

I have a passion for samplers! Since 1985, I have been collecting antique embroidery – particularly samplers – and continue to search for more of these treasures. And treasure is what they are – a child stitched one of my map samplers in 1815, the year that Wellington won the Battle of Waterloo. I still find it difficult to imagine children as young as eight, working away at some fine embroidery for hours at a time. I found this sampler at a car boot sale and could not believe my luck – I have always maintained that I can sniff them out…