Indian Arched Bone Frame

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This unusual treasure was bought on our last visit to India, and I have wondered what to do with it ever since! It has had a mirror in it and even a cross stitch design, but I thought one of you might have a more interesting idea. I do think it needs a good home.

Made from animal bone, wood and brass beading, it is a very attractive treasure. The frame measures 9 x 10in (23 x 25.5cm) and will be supplied boxed.

Please note: I will need to be in touch about extra postage if its new home is not in the UK. It is heavy!


1 in stock

1 in stock


The story of this little treasure

When we travel, I am simply not able to resist buying bits and pieces for the house and I know my husband Bill despairs! The size of my suitcase does not dictate what I can manage to bring home – I once bought a gorgeous wooden butcher’s block on wheels whilst in California. Bill refused to get involved as I checked in our luggage, and I was questioned about the boxes. I said I have bought a kitchen trolley and the young official just raised her eyes to the ceiling and let it through! This was, of course, before 9/11 when to say the ground staff were relaxed is an understatement.