Indian Braid Scissor Stand & Needleroll

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I have taken three vintage cotton bobbins and using this hand-crafted braid, have created a set of little workstations. Each one is made in the same fashion but varies slightly. Each time the wooden bobbin has been padded so that it will take pins. I found this stitched band in India when Bill and I went just before Lockdown. It has been stitched by machine but looks handmade and is just lovely!

I have lined the band with either silk fabric or hand-dyed felt in which you can store your favourite gold needles. You can pop your scissors in the hole in the top of the reel. The decorated lion’s tail scissors are held with a hand-crafted twisted cord which matches the stitching.

The Scissor Stand and Needleroll is supplied boxed with a pair of gold-plated lion’s tail scissors, some pearl pins and three gold-plated needles. The cotton reel measures 2.25in high (5.5cm) and 2in (5cm) across the top.


3 in stock

3 in stock


The story of this little treasure

I have always been very fond of old wooden cotton reels and bobbins, and love adding to my collection. I like the little dumpy wooden ones and have even hunted out a linen band narrow enough to decorate some of these. Over the years of exhibiting at needlework shows like the Knitting & Stitching Show, I loved to display work pieces in an interesting way if I can, so I have bought cupboards, apple boxes and even an old butler’s tray and often used large wooden bobbins or cotton reels as stands for my special bits and pieces. I just love the history behind these simple pieces of wood and wonder about the past and the lives of people who used these things.