Indian Silk Pincushion Duo

One of the loveliest finds on my trip to India was some glorious silk fabric. It soon had me inspired to make a pair of pincushions, highlighting the pattern of little people on the fabric. These are the result – the large pincushion is filled with dry rice, to make it weighty, and has a magnet inside so that my scissors stay put. I have used the plain areas on the silk as the fabric on the back, so it all matches perfectly. As the big cushion is significantly heavy and perfect for a worktable, I have made a little version filled with polyester wadding, which I use when away from home. I thought you would also enjoy working with this delicious fabric to create your own pincushion set. 

My versions where made simply on my sewing machine but they could, of course, be stitched successfully by hand. You could, if preferred, make five small pincushions as gifts using the little people panels.

This treasure is supplied as a boxed kit with Indian silk people panels, plain panels, matching cotton and metallic threads for the twisted cords and tassels, a pair of Lions Tail scissors, a magnet, pearly pins and full making instructions.


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The story of this little treasure

If you have a passion for fabric, then India is the place. During my last holiday there in early 2020, I could not believe I could purchase such pretty material. (This find was in a hotel shop, which are notoriously costly, and I feared it would be way beyond my budget. I was thrilled to be able to make it mine.) I asked about the material and discovered it was what was left from an embroidery project done by the children in the village and the original silk was donated by a local merchant. Yes, I did ask, this was the last piece! You can see a picture of the fabric in The Colours of India and you’ll know why I wanted it!