Jane Greenoff’s Vintage Notions

In addition to rediscovering treasures in the attic, I have been visiting brocante markets and textile fairs and yes, you have guessed, developed another stash! I can’t justify hoarding everything for myself, so I have come up with ‘Vintage Notions’. These one-off boxes are filled with the ingredients for creative adventures…

There are a limited number of this range of Vintage Notions as I have completely run out of the gorgeous silk threads, but I do have ideas for another brightly coloured version at some point in the future.

Vintage Notions are a one-off treasure, each one is slightly different, but all hold the same value. Here is what you can expect to unwrap:

The silk threads

This selection of silk thread is all based on soft undyed silk shades in creams, ecru and some more earthy tones and I have included some soft shades of linens, lace and ribbons to get your creative juices flowing.

The fabrics

There is a piece of a hand-printed Catherine Archer sampler for you to snip up, and perhaps patchwork or quilt. In addition, you will find a piece of vintage embroidery (all unique and unrepeatable), evenweave linens, linen band, lace, ribbons and buttons, plus a gold-plated needle

Each presentation box includes the following:

  • A hand-printed Catherine Archer sampler
  • A piece of vintage French linen
  • A piece of fine evenweave linen
  • A piece of gingham linen band
  • Seven skeins of lovely silk thread
  • A gold-plated needle
  • Two faux ivory thread winders
  • Linen band
  • Vintage lace
  • Two vintage cotton reels
  • Velvet ribbon
  • Satin ribbon
  • A bag of buttons
  • A piece of vintage embroidery

What will you make from your Vintage Notions? I would love to see what you get up to, so please keep in touch. I am sure you do not need me to tell you what to do next, but just in case… I am experimenting with little brocante-style pincushions and needlebooks as well as attempting a patchwork Biscornu using the Catherine Archer sampler fabric. And I am having a go at a little retro embroidery using the silk threads and loads of French knots…




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The story of this little treasure

As with so many things, this all started by accident! Since the wonderful Andrea Thompson took over the running of the Cross Stitch Guild over three years ago, I have been working my way through my attic stash and trunks and boxes of stitchy stuff I’d been promising myself I would sort out. A couple of weeks ago, I unearthed the most fabulous sample books of hand-dyed silk threads originally created by for Designer Silks. My husband Bill was Lucy Coltman’s salesperson some years ago and I, of course, was one of her best customers.