Large French Embroidery Notebook Kit

Just imagine a sampler that contains so many beautiful stitches, it has to grow into a book to fit them all in! Christel Gouze Elbaz of Un Chat dans l’aiguille has created just such a thing. I was so mesmerized by the pages and pages of exquisite stitched motifs, I had to have one – and, of course, share it with you! It is not a counted project but one that will create an amazing encyclopaedia of stitches. This, I know, is a considered purchase but it is really quite special and will give hours of pleasure.

This kit will teach you over 50 stitches and their variations. Many pages feature the individual stitches, then how to develop them into a design. You will certainly know your Antwerp Edging from your Fougère Stitch when you are done!

The kit contains printed fabric ready for you to stitch 12 pages and covers, all your threads, needle, felt, muslin, wadding, plus all the instructions and diagrams you need to guide you. The finished book measures 21 x 21cm when closed.


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The story of this little treasure

I met the truly talented Christel Gouze Elbaz at the Stitch Festival at the Design Centre in Islington early in 2020 and was quite simply transfixed by some of the worked pieces on her stand. She says that her projects are accessible to all and allow you to discover the pleasure of embroidering while creating useful objects and decorations. She calls it “The French Touch”!

Christel told me that she was taught by her grandmother and loves to use traditional stitches to create a modern and a vintage feel to her kits. I couldn’t resist adding two of her creations to my Treasures. Having a passion for samplers and a love of little fabric books, the two embroidery notebooks stand out as something to keep forever.