Little Bird Hardanger Workbox Weight

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I have created two of my Workbox Weights from a design that started life as a classroom project from a teaching weekend. I am particularly pleased to give a new lease of life to heart shape created with ‘Hardanger’ techniques. This section is stitched with Oliver Twists space-dyed threads, and they just seem to glow.

I have lined the stitched piece with Indian silk fabric and then backed the workbox weight with a piece of linen band. Filled with dry rice and lavender, it is ready to grace your workbox or table. A pair of Italian scissors are attached with a matching twisted cord. With the weight of the rice, you will not have to grovel around on the floor to find your scissors ever again!

The Little Bird Hardanger Workbox Weight measures 3.25in square (8.5cm). It is supplied boxed, wrapped in tissue, with three pearl headed pins.


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

I am rather passionate about Hardanger embroidery. I have been on a mission for some years now to demystify this stitching technique so that more people can enjoy it. It is wonderfully rewarding to be able to create this kind of lacey look with nothing more than careful counting and a bit of concentration. Do take a look at my Little Book of Hardanger, and find out more about it here.