Little Crowns & Alphabets Sampler

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This charming unsigned and undated sampler includes three alphabets with a row of decorative crowns dividing the bands. It is complete and probably dates from the early 1800s and the colours are just lovely. The sampler is worked in cross stitch and Algerian eye stitches and has a stitched hem around three sides. In the centre area the stitcher has stitched:

If you desire to worship God aright

First in the morning

pray and last at night

The blue, red and golds stand out really well and would benefit from a gold slip inside the frame or a gold detail on the moulding.

I have mounted the sampler on to a piece of unbleached linen and acid free card ready for you to have framed if you wish. The sampler measures 9 x 10in (23 x 5.5cm)


1 in stock

1 in stock


The story of this little treasure