Madras Lace & Whitework Workbox Weight

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I have used pieces of white-on-white embroidery and some Madras lace to create this useful workbox weight. With the combination of embroidered linen, Madras work and silk ribbon, this could be used as pincushion, needle stand or even a wedding ring pillow. It is backed with a piece of a vintage French linen, and I have added dear little buttons to the front of each weight so that you can attach a pair of scissors on a cord or ribbon – you will not have to search for your scissors on the floor again!

I have filled the sachet with dry rice and preserved lavender petals to make a very effective pincushion, and the rice will prevent any moisture from damage the finish on your pins. (You do hold pins in your lips surely?)

This little Workbox Weight measures 4in (10cm) square and is supplied boxed, wrapped in tissue and with three pearl-headed pins


1 in stock

1 in stock


The story of this little treasure

A brief history lesson, if you haven’t come across Madras lace before:

In the 1870s Alexander Morton sought to improve the manufacture and marketing of figured muslin, an important industry in his native county of Ayrshire, Scotland. Morton invented a power loom for weaving figured muslin in the mid-1870s and his business flourished. The name ‘Madras muslin’ was adopted by the trade in reference to the popularity of this fabric in the export market of the Indian port city of Madras. For the Arts & Crafts designers, the heritage of figured muslin had a particular appeal.