Mini ABC Thread Holder – a trio!

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This little faux ivory thread holder began life as an accessory included in my Sampler Study Boxes. So many of you have asked about them, I am offering them as little treasures in their own right.

I do not know if you are like me, but I do have favourite colours which I used for certain techniques. If you look at the photographs, these are the threads that I use for creating folded hems, cut hems and hemstitch bands so I keep them in my current stitching basket so always at hand.

My lovely graphics wizard Ethan has reproduced the Alphabet letters from my exquisite Catherine Archer sampler and, believe it or not, they are really made up of crosses.

*This is a pack of three thread holders. If you would like to purchase them individually, click here.


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Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

Historically real ivory and tortoiseshell has been used to make all sorts of decorative items and particularly items for a sewing box. Thankfully, the trade in these precious materials is now outlawed and here in the UK we are not even allowed to trade in antique ivory any longer. I discovered faux ivory quite by accident some years ago and I do spend considerable time thinking of things to do with it! You will find items amongst my treasures where I am using this replica material – Catherine Archer Stitchers Companion and the Faux Ivory Flower Needlebook are examples, and I have more ideas up my sleeve!