Mother-of-Pearl Sewing Set

I just love sewing sets and sewing boxes and I must admit to keeping an eye on the auction houses just in case I find a really special workbox. Sadly, these days they are extremely costly and getting harder and harder to find. I cannot claim to be an expert in stitching antiquities, but I do know what I like and I’m sure you do too!

This etui is just perfect, and I love it… The pretty set includes seven mother-of-pearl handled tools, plus two pairs of scissors, a ribbon needle and a thimble.

As described in my Bleasdales Catalogue, in July 2020:

A late 19th Century sewing set, contained in a black leather and gold lined shaped case, blue silk lid lining, the base section flush fitted in blue velvet with six mother-of-pearl handled tools, silver thimble, bodkin, folding knife with mother-of-pearl scales and two pairs of steel scissors, the larger pair matched, case 18.5 x 13.5cm.


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The story of this little treasure

An auction treasure hunt is always exciting and something we have still been able to enjoy despite not being allowed to gather together. I’d encourage you to place your bids with a cup of coffee in hand, rather than a glass of wine… You can see why I say this here.