Old Rose Workbox Weight & Silver Counting Pin

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This quaint rose and heart pattern was originally mounted on a wooden pincushion base, but the wooden part was past saving as it was riddled with woodworm! I have carefully washed the stitching and mounted the patch on a pretty piece of rose-printed patchwork fabric, added three little shell buttons and a hand-crafted Counting Pin. The counting pins are now in short supply as my lamp-working lady has retired.

The ribbon was carefully selected with colour in mind and the fact that I wanted it to be silk. I have attached a pair of Italian Lion’s tail scissors as the perfect finishing touch. This pretty treasure measures 4.25 x 4in (11 x 10cm).


1 in stock

1 in stock


The story of this little treasure

I must say it is quite therapeutic to take old textile bits and pieces and turn them into something new and useful. I spend days at a time with everything spread out on the big kitchen table working on my ‘reinventions’.

I aim to create one-off items but one thing I do repeat is the stuffing. I have developed a tried-and-tested mixture of dry long-grain rice and preserved lavender petals to be perfect for your best pins and gold-plated needles.