Samplers by Rebecca Scott

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This book by Rebecca Scott is the best, most informative and well-balanced book on samplers that I have ever read. Rebecca is now the custodian of Witney Antiques, the hallowed home of the early sampler and one of my favourite places on earth! As a collector of early embroideries herself, and after years working with her parents, she is fantastically knowledgeable and really loves her subject.

This book includes a wide variety of samplers including band samplers, spot motifs, school samplers, darning samplers and all sorts of related material. The 128 pages are beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and are simply a must if you interested in the subject as a stitcher, collector or just an enthusiast.

I’ve asked Rebecca to sign your copies to make them even more special.


8 in stock

8 in stock


The story of this little treasure

I am sure that by now you know that I love samplers and have collected these exquisite pieces of embroidery for over 30 and am never happier than when designing and or stitching a sampler project.

One of my very favourite haunts is a shop called Witney Antiques in Witney near Oxford and I must visit this very special place every three months or so plus always when there is another dedicated sampler exhibition.

In the early days I would call and see owners Joy and Simon Jarrett, who were so generous with their knowledge. Sadly, we recently lost both Simon and Joy within months of each other, but I am happy to say that Rebecca Scott, their daughter has continued the business and is always happy to talk to me about samplers at any time.