Sarah Rowe Antique Sampler

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This exquisite sampler stitched by Sarah, when she was only 10 years old, is a special treasure. I feel I know this child – I just love her spelling and her determination to add any missing letters!

Worked on very fine fabric and in cross stitch she has added her alphabet letters, trees, flowers birds and her favourite line of hymn. In addition, she has attempted Algerian Eye for the capital letters with varying degree of success. Unusually the variation on the strawberry border has been completed and is intact.

This sampler is supplied mounted and framed but without glass (to enable us to ship safely). The sampler is ready to hang but the back is left accessible in case you wish to add glass. Ideally Museum glass or ‘Crystal glass’ would be the most satisfactory.

Jane’s note: If you are outside the UK, please get in touch so we can confirm postage charges.


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

This sampler was an exciting find – fate was with me that day and I was in the right place at the right time. I came across a very small collection of samplers being sold together as one lot. The price was quite high and meant I also had to take some very damaged pieces, plus a rather eccentric needlepoint number. Heart overruled head and I scuttled home with them all, almost breathless because I knew there was at least one gem in the collection.

Sarah Rowe’s sampler and one by Ann Cox can only be described as gems. None of the pieces were framed and all needed some attention. To protect them from any further damage, I carefully stitched them onto a piece of linen and stretched it ready to be framed. I took it to my favourite framer and made sure that special spacers were added to prevent the fabrics from touching the glass. (He is used to me making a fuss!) Nursed back to health, both samplers found their place on the wall of my drawing room.

So why are these Treasures no longer on my wall? I’ve said before I am the luckiest woman in the world… I must admit to having more samplers than I have wall-space, and I like to change the display from time to time. I was about to temporally retire the Ann Cox and Sarah Rowe samplers to a cupboard, when I realised that I would much rather they were on display and enjoyed… so I thought you might like them. They are an investment, but they are also a joy to own.