Shell & Shoreline Magnetic Needle Minder

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As you can see, the jewelled glass will take care of your needles and the magnet is even strong enough to hold a pair of scissors still for a while.

Each needle minder is unique but crafted in similar colourways to those illustrated and everyone is a treasure – no two are quite the same. Maker Carole inserts a very strong magnet inside the glass jewel and then the base is finished so that your minder does not scratch any polished surfaces.

Each needle minder is supplied boxed with three gold-plated tapestry needles.


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

Many of you will be familiar with my beautiful silver counting pins made for me by the very talented Carole Hughes and when she suggested something really new but unusual – and to do with the sea – I could not resist…

Within a few days, Carole sent me a small needle minder and I was immediately taken back to my childhood and long summers days at the beach clutching my bucket and my net. I’ll let Carole explain a bit how she creates the glass needle minders:

“All my Shoreline needle minders are made by hand in my studio in Essex. They use a process known as lamp-work – glass rods are melted in a flame, and the molten glass is wrapped around a metal mandrel (cylindrical rod). The glass is shaped with tools and gravity, then decorated with silver-infused ivory glass and hand-pulled murrini to resemble a tiny rock pool on a shell-strewn beach. The glass is slowly cooled overnight in a kiln to remove any stress and to ensure that the needle minder is sound and durable.”