The Boxer Sampler Embroidered Book

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This exquisite little day book has been created by Kate Bowles using a section from a sampler stitched by the late Jane Napier and includes the marvellous ‘Boxer’ figure from the Sarah Maydman sampler owned by my friend Lucy Evans.

The embroidered book was handcrafted by Kate who has such a knack and style when using pieces of embroidery. She has filled this book with recycled plain, squared and even manuscript papers. The book closes with a linen thread twisted cord and measures 4.5 by 3.25in (11.5 x 8cm).


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Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

I am very grateful to my dear late friend Lucy Evans, who owned this remarkable piece of history and has allowed me to examine it in minute detail. I will never forget the day she went to the unlocked boot of her car and took out the framed sampler which was amongst three other priceless pieces of counted embroidery that had been in her family for years. Originally stitched in 1693, Sarah’s sampler has been charted and stitched for us by the late Jane Napier. I am still dithering about parting with it!

If you would like to try recreating the sampler for yourself, I have charted it for you.