The Honeysuckle Hussif

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This is a once in a lifetime treat! The stylised honeysuckle on the front of the hussif, or etui, was part of a ‘stitching on linen’ project at a class here at Pinks Barn over 20 years ago. I used Dublin linen for this project as it is not too fine and handles well if you are new to stitching. It is also a marvellous fabric for working hemstitch and other types of drawn thread embroidery.

The motifs are worked in counted cross stitch and the motif on the front cover is framed with tied hemstitch. The completed stitching has been mounted on to silk Dupion fabric and made into this simply perfect etui. All your stitching stuff in one place…

The etui or hussif (which ever you prefer) includes five gold-plated needles, one silver counting pin, two faux ivory JG thread winders and two antique mini winders (probably made from bone), and a pair of gold plated chatelaine scissors.

Folded, the Hussif measures 4.5 x 6in (11.5 x 15cm). Unrolled it expands to 4.5 x 11in (28cm).


1 in stock

1 in stock


The story of this little treasure

I love this hussif and love making them. As you know by now, stitching and all its connections are almost an obsession and making things associated with my stitching is pure pleasure.

The idea of making fabric sewing kits, etui or pocket samplers is not new, and probably originated in the middle of the 18th century. Most soldiers and sailors included a ‘hussif’ in their gear, especially when on campaign, often a gift from their mother, sister, sweetheart or wife. The term ‘housewife’ refers to a sewing kit, but housewife was not the only term used. They were also known as ‘huswife’, ‘hussive’, or, most commonly, ‘hussif’, which appears to be the contraction of the word housewife.