The Quaker Pocket Book

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This exquisite Quaker Pocket Book was inspired with encouragement from Kate Bowles, my talented book maker. The Quaker motifs come from Ackworth School in England and are worked on unusual linen band from Vaupel and Heilenbeck in Germany.

The book has a pocket back and front and two on the inside cover. Kate makes her books using traditional methods and they are all hand stitched, so this project is unique. This treasure is supplied complete, tissue wrapped and boxed with three gold-plated needles and a lovely painted pair of lion’s tail scissors. It measures 4 x 8in (10 x 20cm) when closed with its twisted cord.


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Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

You may know that in a past life I formed The Cross Stitch Guild here in the UK and am still very much involved designing for the Guild’s membership magazine and for kits. During my time as Managing Director, I was approached by the Governors of the Ackworth Quaker School and as a result the CSG can produce samplers and other stitching treasures inspired by the School’s sampler collection. The motifs stitched on this pretty book cover are all taken from this source.