Thomasin Maynard Sampler

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This dear little girl worked this sampler when she was seven years old and, although it is not visibly dated, it looks like a school sampler for the 1830s. Thomasin has worked on linen and used coloured cotton threads which have sadly faded considerably over the years.

Thomasin worked three alphabets and lots of repeating patterns which almost look like lines worked as a penance! Perhaps she repeated them until she got the right.

The sampler has been conserved and mounted by The Royal School of Needlework and it will be supplied mounted and framed but not glazed. It will be shipped securely with tracking and insurance.

If buying from a non-UK address, I will be in touch by email to arrange to share the shipping costs.


1 in stock

1 in stock


The story of this little treasure

Collecting samplers is very much about having them displayed in a way that makes me smile every day. The one thing in favour of my north-facing sitting room is that the low light level is perfect for samplers. I can happily display them on all the walls without the worry of the sun fading the colours. Most are of course faded already but I would rather they don’t do it any more!

I have been ‘playing house’ recently and redecorated the living room in a rich blue. Of course, this prompted me to rearrange and reassess which sampler I would like to hang where. I am in the very lucky position of having more samplers than wall space and when the new arrangement was finally made, I wondered if you would like this one as it hadn’t found the ideal place with me. Like I say, samplers should be on display, not hidden away. I hope one of you will hang this one somewhere to make you smile.