Three Centuries of Historic Samplers

Now Whilst my Hands are Thus Employed – Three Centuries of Historic Samplers is an A4, 72-page, full-colour book including a wonderful range of beautiful samplers – possibly the book with the widest variety of the sampler genre. Quoting Rebecca Scott “These exquisite pieces of childhood needlework come from all levels of society, from the affluent to the disadvantaged poor and the institutionalised orphan and from all corners of the British Isles.” A heavenly book…


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The story of this little treasure

As I seem to be drawn by magnet to Witney Antiques near Oxford and can listen to owner Rebecca Scott talk about her sampler collection for hours. I popped over to see her again last week and I thought I would get two more of her glorious catalogues to share with you. Although these soft back, full-colour books are originally designed to support an exhibition held at the gallery, they are amazing works of interest to both the sampler collector and the interested stitcher.