Uzbek Scissors & Antique Tassel

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I was so excited when I discovered my Uzbek blacksmith making his luxury steel scissors – only tempered by the fact that I had to fly home and they are very heavy.

These scissors are beautifully made and are so beautifully balanced that they are easy to hold and to use. The long points are fiendishly sharp and the stork shape so perfect! These are inspired by Uzbek male storks with the additional head feathers, and I love them.

I have decorated each pair with a tassel from an antique fringe and created a buttonhole loop so that I could add the scissors with a twisted cord.

The scissors measure 4.5in (11.5cm) and the tassels measure approximately 5in (12.5cm). The twisted cords are hand-crafted and the sizes do vary. The scissors and tassels will be supplied wrapped in tissue and boxed.


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

As we wandered the shops in Samarkand and Tashkent, I could see that almost everything had a tassel on it. The hats, scarves and even pencils seemed to be adorned with tassels but I could not find them to buy. On almost the last day we were visiting a beautiful summer palace during our (five hour!) journey to Tashkent airport, and I found just what I wanted – a lovely long fringe decorated with handmade silk cotton and silver tassels. Perfect! After much battering, smiling and pulling faces, I bought the whole fringe and have spent many happy hours making these for you.