Victorian Counted Bird Pincushion & Scissors

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I made the dear little bird pincushion/scissor weight after cutting up an old sampler! Before I get hate mail, I must add that I bought a few samplers in one lot at auction recently and this piece was simply in rags. It was from these scraps that I made this pretty scissor keep with matching twisted cord. I felt really sick cutting up the stitching, but it was in a dreadful state and could not be salvaged in any other way. I added the stitching as a patch, added a twisted cord and Goya shell buttons.

I have recently discovered these beautiful Italian chatelaine scissors, just under 3in (7.5cm) in length, and thought you would love them. Do not be fooled by the size – they are fiendishly sharp.

The pincushion measures 3.5in (7.5cm). It will be supplied boxed with three pearl-headed pins.


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

The sampler was stitched by an unnamed child of 11 years of age with wool on linen in 1875 and it was part of a lot and sadly not restorable. I can hear you say, “Are you sure?” I am completely sure, and it was the first time I have cut up an antique sampler. It did make me feel rather sick, but I knew that I could save some of the bits. The dear little soul did his/her best, but you can see that the cross stitch goes in different directions on the bird’s tummy!