Victorian Etui

I think this little scissor and needle set is just perfect and I simply couldn’t leave it behind in a recent needlework tools auction.

The Etui measures 2.5 x 4.5in (6.5 x 11.5cm), is hinged along the long side and has a bone and pin closure. Probably dating from the early 19th Century, it has been much used, is a little marked and has a tiny chip on the left-hand side. I just love it, and the fact these little flaws add to its story. If only it could talk!

The material forming the cover has been beautifully detailed so that the tools are held in place perfectly. Inside you will find a small pair of pretty scissors, a thimble, needlecase, stiletto and a little folding knife. The patterns of the pieces match so they have been together for over 100 years!


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The story of this little treasure

I have already explained elsewhere that on the only occasion I attended a sale room I was found to be bidding against myself, so you can imagine the muddle I could get in ‘attending’ an online auction…

Bleasdales held an auction earlier this year, and because of the Covid crisis, it was held in real time online. I registered sensibly and then arrived at my desk suitably relaxed after supper and some excellent red wine. I added bids for 10 items and went to bed. In the cold light of morning I realised that if I was successful, I was going to have some explaining to do at home.

I was successful with five items and I am afraid I am keeping some of them for myself, at least for the moment, but I hope you like the ones I am adding to Treasures.