Victorian Rose Bouquet

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This lovely, muted bouquet of flowers has been stitched on perforated paper or ‘Bristol Board’ as it was known in Victorian times. It is a particularly fine version of the paper with 24 stitches to one inch. Worked from a Berlin pattern and dated about 1865, this is a special treasure. The stitching combines cross stitch and half cross stitch worked in fine cottons. I have mounted the vignette on a piece of handmade paper in a frame without glass to make it safe to post.

It measures 5 x 3.5in (12.5 x 9cm).


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

This was one of a pair that I bought from Martin Ex in his lovely shop in Amsterdam, while managing to resist the wall-to-wall samplers for sale.

The early Berlin charts are the best, created by skilled artists who understood canvaswork embroidery. The designs were etched on copper plates and printed on quality paper, often beige or grey blue. The charts were then hand coloured.

When the trade was at its height, thousands of girls were employed to do the skilful hand colouring. Originally watercolours or slightly thicker gouache-type paints were used, and the paint was applied using a special brush with a square tip.