Vintage mother-of-pearl scissors with Victorian Scrap Scissor Keep

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This little treat is two treasures in one! I found the scissors (early 20th Century – when they were made, rather than when I discovered them!) when I visited my favourite shop in Broadway, Worcestershire, last week. They were part of a needlework box that had been broken up by a collector and are quite unusual with the addition of the mother-of-pearl on the handles. They are in lovely condition and I wanted to make them even more special, so I hand-crafted the little stitched scissor keep.

Before I get hate mail, I must add that I bought a few samplers at auction recently and one of the pieces was simply in rags. It was from these scraps that I made this pretty double-sided scissor keep with matching twisted cord.

The scissors are beautifully made and very sharp and would grace any workbox! This treasure will arrive wrapped in tissue and boxed. The scissors measure 3.5in (9cm) length.


Out of stock

Out of stock


The story of this little treasure

The sampler from whence the scrap came was stitched by an unnamed child of 11 years of age with wool on linen in 1875. It was part of an auction lot and sadly not restorable. I can hear you saying: “Are you sure?” I am completely sure, and it was the first time I have cut up an antique sampler. It did make me feel rather sick, but I knew that I could save some of the bits. The dear little soul did his/her best but you can see that the cross stitch goes in different directions on the leaves…