My helpers

Until you have put together a website like this one you can have no idea just how much work is involved and how you have to rely on your team behind the scenes. With the additional logistical nightmare of lockdown during the spring of 2020, limitations on travel and, of course, no meetings in person, this has certainly been a challenge! A special thank you goes to the following people:

Jenny Dixon, whose day job is as Commissioning Editor for Cross Stitcher magazine and is also our Editor of the CSG magazine Stolen Moments, has contributed hugely to the concept, style, feel, detail, content of the site – and generally keeping me on track.

James Greenoff-Cairns is Jenny’s aide-de-camp – he is our Treasures photographer and tech whizz and will continue to be so! He stepped into the breach when lockdown threatened to scupper our plans. His lovely photographs have lifted this site to something really special. Take a look at what he gets up to as the day job –

Paul Collis, from Viewpoint Photography, who took all the pictures for our page banners which definitely required even more patience with me than usual!

James Greenoff-Cairns

Jenny Dixon

Paul Collis