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Exactly what is a treasure?

This is rather like being asked to explain intuition, or to describe one’s own taste. When I am out and about – usually rushing – I see things that make me smile. If I can’t afford them, I get a sort of knotty tummy ache. I don’t expect everyone to share this feeling. I once bought a rusty kitchen drainer for my vintage sink (£46.00) and it makes me smile every day. My husband Bill simply did not understand “when a plastic one would have served just as well”. You get the picture. If you have stood at the doorway of a vintage fair and felt tearful (in a good way), then my collection is for you. 

I have no idea why some things make me feel warm, fuzzy and smiley – it has nothing to do with price, designer label, perceived value or any other category. I just know when something qualifies as a treasure and that is how I’ve gone about hunting for this collection for you. All the treasures in my collection are special, limited and sometimes one-of-a-kind. I have chosen them because I love them and hope you will too.

Becoming an author

I cannot describe the puffed-out chest and butterflies when my first book was published. It was something I did not expect to happen
– and I can assure you that my father and a couple of my schoolteachers would not have believed it. The whole process occurred after one of my designs was featured in the Daily Telegraph (pure fluke), and one of the commissioning editors at David and Charles contacted me.
I was completely unprepared for the amount of work involved in preparing a manuscript, and to add to the excitement I had my whoops-a-daisy baby Louise six weeks into the contract! Now with 25 titles under my belt, I am happy to say that these days I publish my own titles so I can please myself on the subject matter – as they say, watch this space… If you would like a book signed and dedicated just let me know when you order. Pop a note in the comments box at Checkout.

All the treasures in my collection are special, limited and sometimes one-of-a-kind.