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Exactly what is a treasure?

This is rather like being asked to explain intuition, or to describe one’s own taste. When I am out and about – usually rushing – I see things that make me smile. If I can’t afford them, I get a sort of knotty tummy ache. I don’t expect everyone to share this feeling. I once bought a rusty kitchen drainer for my vintage sink (£46.00) and it makes me smile every day. My husband Bill simply did not understand “when a plastic one would have served just as well”. You get the picture. If you have stood at the doorway of a vintage fair and felt tearful (in a good way), then my collection is for you. 

I have no idea why some things make me feel warm, fuzzy and smiley – it has nothing to do with price, designer label, perceived value or any other category. I just know when something qualifies as a treasure and that is how I’ve gone about hunting for this collection for you. All the treasures in my collection are special, limited and sometimes one-of-a-kind. I have chosen them because I love them and hope you will too.

All the treasures in my collection are special, limited and sometimes one-of-a-kind.