Martha Townsend Sampler Study Box

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Studying old embroideries really puts you in the shoes of the stitcher. I have always been fascinated by samplers and am always a bit overwhelmed by the thought that the stitchers were so young. I thought you might enjoy studying samplers too, so I have put together a small selection of charts, histories, and luscious photos of favourites from my own collection. Each one is a little piece of history you can recreate for yourself.

Originally stitched in 1762, Martha worked this sampler in silk and cotton using cross stitch, satin stitch, and Algerian eye. Some of the stitches, particularly the writing was worked in cross stitch but over only one fabric thread. On my antique stitched version of the sampler, the acorn border only surrounds three sides as shown on the pictures overleaf. The chart supplied in this pack includes the completed border as an option.

In your lovely JG Book Box, you will find:

  • A large picture of Martha’s sampler
  • The beautifully printed chart made up of 2 x A3 sheets
  • A copy of my book Stitching your own little piece of history
  • A gold-plated needle
  • Faux-ivory thread holder with two shades of thread for an optional folded hem


3 in stock

3 in stock


The story of this little treasure

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