Favourite makers


Discover my lovely co-creators!

During my 35 years in the needlework business, I have endeavoured to find suppliers and
other contacts close to home, and have enjoyed long and good relationships with a number
of very talented artisans and manufacturers. In creating Finder of Treasures, I look forward
to more collaborating and scheming with this wonderful group of people.

Andrea Thompson – The Cross Stitch Guild

I formed the Cross Stitch Guild in 1996, so we are approaching our 25th Birthday in 2021. Currently we have members all over the world. I retired as Managing Director of the CSG in January 2017 and Andrea Thompson took over. Since that time, I have worked as the CSG Creative Director and supplied ideas, designs and instructions for the CSG magazine Stolen Moments. If you are not already a Member of the CSG, bear in mind that the magazine is exclusive to Members and with 10% off your shopping and free postage in the UK you might be missing something! As the Guild designer, of course, the CSG supplies me with beautiful linens, gold needles, threads and in fact anything else I need for my designs and stitching projects.


Kate Bowles – Artist and craft-maker using recycled papers and fabrics

Kate describes herself as ‘Artist and craft-maker using recycled papers and fabrics’ but this doesn’t really explain just how clever this lady is! I met Kate for the first time on my stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate some years ago when she was selecting some narrow linen band. We got talking and she showed me an example of her hand-bound books and now I’m never without one. One of my favourite CSG/Bowles treasures is My Quaker Pocket Book because Kate designed the book specially for my idea.

I have included a few very special examples of her work amongst my treasures. All of which are unique and cannot be repeated.


Christel Gouze Elbaz – Un Chat dans l’aiguille

I met this truly talented lady at the Stitch Festival at the Design Centre in Islington early in 2020, and was quite simply transfixed by some of the worked pieces on her stand. She says that her projects are accessible to all and allow you to discover the pleasure of embroidering while creating useful objects and decorations.

Christel told me that she was taught by her grandmother and loves to use traditional stitches to create a modern and a vintage feel to her kits. I will be adding some of her glorious range to my treasures any time now, so visit again soon!


Ali Hocking – Betty & Violet Shop

I have only known Ali Hocking for a couple of years and simply love her amazing taste and imagination when it comes to finding, making and displaying the treasures in her shop. Betty & Violet (her late grandmothers) is the perfect treasure chest for someone like me.

Her shop, based in the village of Broadway in the heart of the Cotswolds, is full of vintage textiles, hand-made lovelies and treasures from the past. I have bought a number of lovely stitchy things for my collections, some, of course, for you and last but not least a rather lovely summer hat!


Lynn Walsh – History Craft

I have been working with Lynn at History Craft for over 25 years and together we have developed faux ivory and faux mahogany artefacts for The Cross Stitch Guild and more recently for my new collection of treasures. CSG is famous for mini magnetic thread holders, which are cast in resin and then stained to resemble mahogany.

Lynn is currently helping me with my series of  ‘Horn Books’, and we are already dreaming up a few new treasures together.


Rebecca Scott – Witney Antiques, Witney, Oxon

This remarkable shop is the place to go and look at antique samplers and, in fact, any kind of early embroidery. Started by Joy and Simon Jarrett (sadly no longer with us), it is now run by their daughter, embroidery expert Rebecca Scott.

In addition to the embroideries that are always in profusion in the shop, they specialise in early furniture. The sampler collection is of superior museum quality and therefore that is reflected in the prices. For the passionate but poor collector, the coloured catalogues are tremendous value – I have them all!

Rebecca has written and illustrated, in my opinion, the best book on the history of samplers and I will soon have copies for you to buy.


Amy Butcher

I met this very talented young woman when she was exhibiting at the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate a number of years ago. I thought that her embroideries were simply exquisite, and I wanted to buy them all! I somehow managed to narrow down my choices and am sharing a Leaping Hare, Brown Bear and some wonderful Chickens

Amy is a true artist as you will see by the kind faces on her creatures. She uses different fabrics, lace, beads and sequins in such an effective way combining them with different free embroidery stitches and surely creates a treasure every time. I am glad to say that Amy is now making lovely kits of some of her garden embroideries, so you must have a look at her website where you will also see her cushion panels and also a glorious range of greetings cards.


Carole Hughes

Carole and I have known each other for many years, and I expect some of you may remember her joining us on a ‘Together We Stitch Weekend’ with the Cross Stitch Guild, during the time she owned The Calico Cat Company. Carole specialises in interesting stitching accessories, pincushions and, of course, the most delicious glass beads.

I caught up with Carole again after a few years – she had retired but has agreed to go back into her studio just for Finder of Treasures and I thrilled to be able to share her beautiful Counting pins and Shell & Shoreline Magnetic Needle Minders.

Carole uses ‘lampworking’ techniques to make her one-of-a-kind creations and feeds things like precious metal flakes into the mix to achieve her distinctive style. I am hoping one day to show you a picture of this actually happening!