Little Book of Hardanger

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Hardanger embroidery is one of the most satisfying counted embroidery techniques I have ever tired – and taught! I am on a mission to show you how this clever-looking technique is actually very simple indeed. I feel so strongly about this that I decided to publish this little book myself.

I am thrilled to have just collected my fourth reprint from the printers, and I have signed copies waiting for you.

This lovely little book is ring bound so that you can lay it flat. It contains gorgeous photographs and exquisite projects for you to stitch, as well as a brief history and a clearly explained technical section to help you with this traditional Norwegian stitching. I have tackled this slightly scary technique broken it down into tiny steps.

Your first stitches will be the beginning of a love affair with this technique – it looks so clever and yet you only have to be able to count to four!

If you would like a book signed and dedicated just let me know when you order. Pop a note in the comments box at Checkout.


4 in stock

4 in stock


The story of this little treasure

I learnt how to do Hardanger embroidery when staying with Ken and Ginnie Thompson in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, and to say that I was hooked was no exaggeration! I have also discovered since then that it can cause such anxiety to the uninitiated. I thought something should be done about this. I could not have guessed that when this pretty book was launched on The Sewing Quarter on 6th October 2018 it would be a complete sell out! I’ll tell you more in my Jottings.