Ann Symonds Sampler Study Box

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Studying old embroideries really puts you in the shoes of the stitcher. I have always been fascinated by samplers and am always a bit overwhelmed by the thought that the stitchers were so young. I thought you might enjoy studying samplers too, so I have put together a small selection of charts, histories, and luscious photos of favourites from my own collection. Each one is a little piece of history you can recreate for yourself.

Ann Symons Sampler is an unusual early sampler. Completed by Ann in 1796, it was a real find! I came across it in a mixed lot of embroideries at auction and simply could not resist her colourway and the naivety of the stitching.

The original sampler is stitched on non-evenweave linen using two strands of thread. Ann generally worked over two fabric threads but the spacing between the letters does vary. I have charted the stitching but slightly altered the spacing between letters and, if stitched on a 28-count Cashel linen, would measure 12.5 x 13in (30.5 x 33cm). I recommend thread colours for you to reflect how well the colours have aged but you can always select your own.


In your lovely JG Book Box, you will find:

  • A large picture of Ann’s sampler
  • The beautifully printed chart made up of 2 x A3 sheets
  • A copy of my Stitching your own little piece of history book
  • A gold-plated needle
  • Faux-ivory thread holder with two shades for an optional folded hem


5 in stock

5 in stock


The story of this little treasure

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