Beautiful Beeswax Hearts

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These little hearts are made from pure beeswax from a local Cotswold beekeeper, and I thought you might like to add them to your workbox. I know that some stitchers like to use wax on threads but whether it is necessary, the jury is still out. 

I know that the lovely Tanja does suggest that her new linen threads might benefit from waxing before use, but this is personal taste. I must admit to liking waxing some metallics to make them behave better. Each heart measures 1 x 1.5in (2.5 x 4cm).


7 in stock

7 in stock


The story of this little treasure

I found these little beeswax hearts at the Stroud Farmers Market and bought them all! I could not decide at first how to present them and then it came to me. A morning on the sewing machine and I made dear little linen bags for them all. It all happened because I trimmed off the unprinted fabric selvedges from some Catherine Archer fabric and thought there must be a good use for them.