Catherine Archer Linen Mini Roll

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I make no secret of my love for this sampler design – it is my favourite of the many I am lucky enough to own. I could happily look at it all day, which is why I wanted to recreate it as a linen to be made into all manner of lovely things.

I am offering this simply gorgeous fabric in three ways so that I hopefully please you all! (Choose from a metre length, ‘fat quarter’, and Linen Mini Roll.) Catherine’s sampler has been printed continuously down the length of the fabric, meaning that you will have complete samplers and sections of pattern repeats. When I cut the fabric, there may be slight variations in the sizes listed – this to make the best use of the printing on the fabric.

This beautiful linen is not evenweave but is a beautiful quality. Made in England and in a lovely vintage shade – just right for any antique-style project. I have already made pincushions, watbo and biscornu as well as a lining needle rolls and similar.

The sampler fabric will be supplied boxed with a printed image of Catherine’s sampler and a copy of our Stitching your own Little Piece of History booklet. The Mini Roll measures at least 45 x 24cm and is completely covered in the printed sampler.


5 in stock

5 in stock


The story of this little treasure

I cannot tell you how many times I have attempted to create a fabric with the Catherine Archer Sampler printed properly. Some of you may remember me attempting to produce printed pieces using a silk screen and a squeegee. You do not want to know just how messy it became. (You can see the evidence here!)

I have found the answer at long last. I have discovered a company that produces a lovely antique linen and can print for me.
This is so exciting – I am cooking up all sorts of products that can have the Catherine Archer Treatment!