Catherine Archer Thread Catcher

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Meet the latest creation using my my lovely Catherine Archer linen. Silk-style red lining, shell buttons and some clever folding have made these sweet little Thread Catchers. When you are snipping off threads, they go in here rather than on the floor.

You only have to talk to me for five minutes before you know that I am the proud owner of Catherine’s marvellous alphabet sampler, stitched whilst she was a pupil at Ashley Down House in Bristol, England. I was thrilled to turn her design into a fabric print and from there into pincushions, Watbo and biscornu as well as using it to line needle rolls and similar.

My Thread Catcher is a triangular shape and measures 2.5in (7cm) across the top and 4in (10cm) across the bottom and is completed with three little shell buttons.


6 in stock

6 in stock


The story of this little treasure

If you are wondering about the name, Catherine Archer was the little girl who stitched the sampler that I chat about so often. Let me enthuse more here! I’d also like to tell you about a previous experience with my snipped threads.