Faux Ivory Thread Holders

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With the single rose and my JG logo, these thread holders are unique. My ‘faux ivory’ material comes from mainland Europe and the thread holders are then etched and handcrafted here in Gloucestershire. The final touch of gold is applied by yours truly – there are still little flashes of gold on my kitchen table to prove it!

I like to loop my threads through the holes on the left-hand side and I put part lengths on the right – you can use a little stick-on label for the shade number or the symbol if preferred. To clean the material between projects, just wash in lukewarm water with washing up liquid and dry gently.

Each thread sorter measures 6 x 2.5in (15 x 6.5cm).


3 in stock

3 in stock


The story of this little treasure

Historically, real ivory and tortoiseshell have been used to make all sorts of decorative items and particularly items for a sewing box. Thankfully, the trade in these precious materials is now outlawed and here in the UK we are not even allowed to trade in antique ivory any longer. I discovered faux ivory quite by accident some years ago and I do spend considerable time thinking of things to do with it! You will find items amongst my treasures where I am using this replica material – Catherine Archer Stitchers Companion and the Faux Ivory Flower Needlebook are examples, and I have more ideas up my sleeve!