Stitcher’s Angel Charm

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Hand crafted from recycled piano keys and engraved with an exclusive Stitcher’s Angel (designed by Artist Sarah Jane Gillespie), these are the little tiny bits in front of the black notes on trashed pianos. I collected them from the piano bashing place, arranged for them to be washed and trimmed, then I set about sanding the corners and sent them to my engraver. You can attach the charm to scissors or your project case. I have even seen them as earrings! Supplied with a hand-crafted twisted cord.

Each charm varies slightly but measures around 2 x1in (5 x2.5cm).


8 in stock

8 in stock


The story of this little treasure

Many years ago, I was given a stitchers angel pendant by a dear friend. It was while I was staying with her in Redondo Beach, California.

I think this must have been 32 years ago because I was still feeding our daughter Louise. This all sounds very grand, but actually Jean was the distributor for my cross stitch designs in the US and wanted me to visit to see what she planned to do for me business-wise. By the way, she was the lady who changed the way I stitched with the ‘knotless loop start’ and introduced me to gold-plated needles all those years ago.