Raspberry Thread Waxer

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An irresistible little creation from Kate Bowles. Each raspberry comes on a hand-crafted twisted cord in a handmade box. Created in pale wax and topped with a vintage button, they are just perfect! Each waxer is roughly the size of a large raspberry – about 1inch (2.5cm).

Thread wax is a gift to stitchers, particularly when working with metallics or other challenging threads. Just pass your thread across the waxer to help strengthen it, remove kinks and generally make the thread easier to handle. It also helps remove any suggestion of fuzziness.


4 in stock

4 in stock


The story of this little treasure

Kate Bowles a very talented craftswoman who is known more for her marvellous hand-bound books. Kate is a fellow fan of vintage and antique sewing stuff and knew about thread waxers and the Victorian passion for creating them in different shapes. Having seen strawberry and blackberry waxers from the late 1800s, she decided to set about making her own with what she had in her studio. (She admits to being very mean and loves playing with what she has in her cupboards.) As she also collects old buttons, you can see how one thing led to another. Kate sent me a sample of the little raspberry and asked me what I thought. I ordered them for us immediately!