A day full of twiggery!

I have to tell you about a day course I attended last week.

I have to write to tell you about a day course I attended last week, taking with me Jenny Dixon, Editor for the Cross Stitch Guild and long-time chum. Layered up against the cold, we visited Damson Farm just outside Bath. We joined Alison Jenkins at her lovely home for simply the best day. I had a go (some of you will remember!) at making twig structures last year for my sweet peas and I was very pleased with them but, oh my, this was something else.

You can see from some of my pictures that Alison’s garden is simply a joy even in February with her raised beds and marvellous willow and hazel plant supports.

Our day started with Alison, co-host Jacky Mills and 11 students introducing ourselves and having coffee and tea and the best homemade macaroons that I have ever tasted. (I had three when no-one was counting…) We talked about the value of plant supports and how they give a garden character and what woods are best for what.

Our host then took us on a tour of the two-acre garden, and I was enchanted by every aspect of the place. Both the cultivated raised beds, the wilder garden and the view from the garden brought me out goose bumps! After lunch we set about learning how to handle willow and hazel and then worked in pairs to make our own rose dome from hazel and other woody stuff. 

It was such an inspiration day with excellent hand outs and supplier lists and I just cannot wait to get started in the garden. Thank you so much Alison and Jacky!

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