A surprise in Marrakech

He discovered another garden for me to see and it was glorious.

Bill and I had a short break in this extraordinary city some years ago and, I will be honest, I could have moved to live there! My sisters tell me I am Bohemian (I have never been sure what that means) but perhaps there is a bit of the gipsy in me. 

My poor mother did not understand me and sometimes she bemoaned the fact that we did not have a big smart house on an estate of similar dwellings. She said that “if I spent less time on my hobbies and other interests, I could keep the house clean and tidy”. 

You can imagine why I just loved the city of Marrakech – a great melting pot of continents and the bazaar! It left me happily exhausted and needing to buy another suitcase to get my shopping home. We ate out in the main square each evening under the stars with magical music going on around us and interesting, spicy foods to eat. I will write more about markets and bazaars another time, but today I want to tell you about something quite different. 

Bill is in charge of holiday planning and pre-trip research. He is a bit of a star in this department. He discovered another garden for me to see and it was glorious. The Majorelle Garden was the home of the fashion designer Yves St Laurent but was actually designed by Jacques Majorelle in 1923. 

You can see why I loved it – that blue everywhere! It was a special shade of bold cobalt blue, inspired by the coloured tiles around Marrakech. Yves St Laurent and his partner restored the gardens and there is now a Yves St Laurent Museum there too. The garden is over two acres with extraordinary planting schemes everywhere you look.

After the day at the gardens, I bought Bill a surprise. I was buying pashminas and whilst in the shop he learnt how to fold the local headdress ­– he looked just like a local!

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